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Kathleen Tullis                                   Houston, Texas                                    281-389-5764

Over the years I have done several jobs for Mr. and Mrs Tullis. I have replaced siding, paintied the outside of the house. Repaired their deck, leveld their shed, fixed the garage center support, replace cover on deck and other work.

Wanda Ledoux                                   LaPorte, Texas                                     281-630-8827

Changed out and moved one light in house. Cut in and sealed ceiling with sheetrock. Installed bead board in ceiling, trimmed it out and painted it. We have also done other work in the past such as replace siding on the house and installed Hardi Plank. Power washed, caulked and sealed joints. Painted the complete exterior.

Gerrie Brown                                   Pearland, Texas                                    713-501-0612

Secured gutters around house and cleaned out gutters.

Nic & Alex Weatherford Meyerland Area https://www.facebook.com/alex.weatherford  

Gutted bathroom and enlarged shower into closet. Put in new shower liner, tile, handy cap bars and accessories. Built new wall in closet, installed new pocket door. Repaired flooring. Put new tile in bathroom completely. Built new custom vanity and modified existing Granite counter top to work with new vanity.

Jasmine Hopkins & Meg                 Meyerland Area               jmhopkins2002@yahoo.com

Removed existing French doors and cut open wall and added new header and installed 2 sets of French doors. Removed and replace several other doors in the house as well. Widened 1 door way for wheelchair access. Repaired sheetrock and textured plus painted all areas worked on.

Bob & Maxine Ducksworth            LaPorte, Texas                                 281-470-8408

Removed and reset carpet, built walls to house fire box, installed fire box, put in sheetrock, tape, floated textured and painted. Put in tile in front of fire place. Mounted and secured wood decorative mantel and trimmed around entrance of fire box with oak. Cut out and made cubby hole for TV mount and installed it. 

Pamela Heath                                   10354 Grandbrook                          281-412-5725

Removed and rebuild drawers on kitchen cabinets and made sure all draw slides were secure.

Linda Frazer                                    Houston, Texas                                 832-577-4298

Took down Arbor and rebuilt securing 6x6 post to concrete with anchors. Then reattached everything securing framing.

John & Charlotte Weiss                  Houston, Texas                                281-471-1056

Removed and replace all rotten wood on exterior of home. Removed and eliminated rotten gutters on back of house. Removed and replace all soffit screen on house including damaged trim that holds screen. Fixed all sheetrock inside house excluding garage and closets. Tape floated and textured all areas repaired including the complete ceiling in the house. Repaired wall and framing from termite damage. Painted complete inside and outside of house.

Ernie and Pat Jarzombek               Houston, Texas                                 713-557-2073

Removed 1/4 sheetrock and installed cabinet plywood with trim on end of built out closet. Installed sheetrock on ceiling to owner specifications. Sanded, floated and textured 2 rooms and got it all ready for painting.

Mike and Cheryl Ball                      Houston, Texas                                281-484-6617

Removed and installed a larger window where a shorter window was. Repaired siding as needed and sheetrock. We had to reframed window as well. Removed wallpaper from complete bathroom. Repaired another bathroom where someone removed wallpaper already. Removed mirrors from a bar area and repaired sheetrock. Repaired and cracks and or holes in sheetrock and painted 2 bathroom, hall way, stair well, entry way, bedroom and family room upstairs.

Tim Barry                                        1106 Mabry Mill                                   281-488-7585

Tore out and rebuild bathroom. Installed tile, Granite, electrical, shower door and much more

Kay Noster                                                 Houston, Texas                          281-481-6335

Tore out and rebuild both bathrooms in her house one at a time over several months as she was ready. Installed tile, Granite, electrical and much more.         

Cindi Clemens                                  3109 Pilgrims Point                             281-844-5086

Remodeling including floors, doors, painting. Installed a window

Judy Giessen                                    Houston, Texas                                  281-481-4780

Tore out and rebuild 2 bathrooms in her house one almost a year ago. Installed tile, Granite, electrical and much more.


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