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Mrs. Mazie Dove                                       Houston, Texas                                281-922-6141

Rebuilt a room an addition in Sept of 2004 and built a new addition in June 2006. Pour concrete, built walls. Put Hardi siding on. Put sheetrock and insulation in walls and ceiling. Textured and painted inside and out on areas worked on. Laid ceramic tile on floors and around whirlpool tub. Extended the master bedroom, built a new closet and converted the old closet into a whirlpool tub room. The complete job from start to finish is in the photo section.

Mrs. Godley                                     Pearland, Texas                               713-436-2677

Removed and replaced any rotten wood. Removed and installed side door and jam (owner had door). Power wash exterior of house. Cleaned and scraped, caulked and primed as needed. Painted complete exterior of house.

Mrs. Carrie Olson                           Pearland, Texas                           713-436-1163

Removed and replaced any rotten wood. Removed and replaced gutters. Did a small roof repair. Power wash exterior of house. Cleaned and scraped, caulked and primed as needed. Painted complete exterior of house. Removed and replaced floors in 2 bathrooms and utility room, installing ceramic tile.

Mrs. Carolyn Wagner                     1826 Lazy Creek                                       281-992-1820

Removed and replaced rotten wood on exterior of house using Hardi trim. Remove and replace siding on house and garage using Hardi. Remove and replace all fascia on house and garage using Hardi. Paint complete exterior of house and garage.

Mr. and Mrs. Rodgers                     Highlands, Texas                                       281-426-4604

Removed all siding, fascia, soffit and trim off exterior of house and installed new Hardi in all areas. Caulked and Painted complete exterior of house. Removed and replaced all gutters on exterior of house. Removed and replaced flooring in kitchen, 3 bathrooms and utility room with ceramic tile grouted and sealed it. The complete exterior job from start to finish is in the photo section.

Mr. and Mrs. Gorski                       706 Bluebird Lane                           713-946-5246

Removed sheetrock on bedroom wall completely and part of ceiling. Removed and replaced damaged framing from termites. Installed insulation back in wall and ceiling. Installed new sheetrock back where removed. Tape, floated and textured sheetrock. Painted complete room.

Mrs. Carol Bullin                             1400 Sherwood Forest                     979-777-5757

Replaced rotten wood on exterior of house. Tore down patio cover and other cover in back. Removed and replace garage doors. Painted complete exterior of house. Repaired sheetrock on inside of house. Taped, floated and textured all repaired areas. Replaced damaged trim on inside of door ways. Repaired doors. Painted complete inside of house. Removed and replaced carpet and pad throughout inside of house. Cleaned terrazzo and ceramic tile flooring. Removed and replaced sheet vinyl flooring in kitchen and utility room. .

Mr. and Mrs. Brenner                     7 Falling Leaf Lane                         713-465-3316

Painted complete inside of house including cabinets, walls, ceilings, doors, built in shelves and trim. Modified cabinet doors and drawers. Put in new vanity top made out of cultured marble (2 years later). Took out tub and made a 60 inch shower stall out of cultured marble. Installed two handicap bars. Touched up painted as needed (the shower stall was done 2 years after the painting job).

Mrs. Belinda Papadakis                  4423 Morris                                     281-485-8829

Concrete was poured for a new room addition and new patio in rear of home. The new room was then built with brick on 1 side and Hardi siding on the other. A new roof was put on the room addition, along with new sheetrock on all interior walls. New windows and doors were then installed. We ran new electrical lines, plugs and lights and also installed a new A/C system for the complete house. Ceramic tile was installed on the floor of the addition. We also painted the inside and outside of addition.


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